September 25, 2020

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Best 10 Business Ideas to start in village

Business ideas for Village

In addition to the cities, villages and small towns have been coming forward and doing different kinds of businesses. Scope of business has increased in the rural area with the advancement of technology certainly. Business owners from the small villages have been using lots of software just like cities. So, BTHAWK GST Billing Software can certainly help them to deal with the accounting and billing issues in addition to GST.

Here are some business ideas that can be started from the villages and success can be attained.

1.Water Treatment Plant

People staying in the area can be helped with a water treatment plant on a large scale in village. Investment in the medium range is necessary for the plant to work in a flawless manner. In the long run, good return can be ensured. Equipments must be bought and installed at the location. Clean water can be delivered to the people as a result. In addition, you can start a service of packaged drinking water as well. If you are not good with the finances then professionals can be hired. However, you can use the GST Billing Software as well.

2. Diagnostic centre

Diagnostic centre is considered to be a profitable business these days even in villages. Most of the doctors request their patient to do tests in order to detect a disease effectively. These tests can be done easily in the pathology labs. By establishing a diagnostic centre in the rural area, you can reap profit. However, you may need to do some initial investments. License must be obtained from the respected authority also. Following to the set-up of business, good amount of money can be earned from the place for a really long time. To manage accounting part of the business, you can trust the software from BTHAWK.

3. Stores for mobile phone and accessory

Just like the cities, lot of rage for mobile phones can be observed in the villages and rural areas. So, it is a great idea to start a mobile store along with accessories. Based on the demand in the area, you can invest in mobiles and accessories. It is better to keep popular products only that are affordable at the same time. Lot of investment may not be needed on the occasion. Good locality must be selected for the store.

As far as mobile accessories are concerned, you can keep covers, ear phones, data cables and mobile batteries within the stores. In the beginning, moderate business can be noticed that may grow over time.

4. Fertiliser store

Most of the people in the villages are farmers. Therefore, a fertiliser and seed store can be started to cater these people. On the occasion, you may require to give some subsidy. Minimal capital may be needed in the beginning. Decent income can be enjoyed also. It is a business that will certainly survive for a long duration if you manage to build a reputation within the community.

Professionals from BTHAWK can offer you necessary advice on accounting and cost of the business. So, you must obtain their services always as they are one of the best in the market.

5. Organic Farming

Popularity of organic food is increasing all over the world. Therefore, you can take advantage of this hype and start a business of organic farming in the villages. On the occasion, grains, vegetables and other kinds of food items can be grown without any kinds of chemicals or pesticides. In this way, toxic free food can be delivered to the people. It is certainly a kind of business that makes you feel good.

Investment must be done with the land, agricultural equipments and tools in addition to high quality seeds for healthy produce. High return may not be noticed at the very beginning. However, it may grow in a few years. If you want then loan can be obtained from the banks. For the financial help, you can also install accounting and GST billing software from BTHAWK.

Garlic Farming Business

So far, we have seen a lot of useful stuff about garlic farming and garlic business. Do your research and get more informed about the updated garlic business ideas. Read about the most profitable garlic varieties to grow.

In all ways, this aromatic and attractive plant is your answer to a successful farming business with a limited budget and restricted space.

6. Livestock

Similar to the organic farming, livestock is also a way to earn money in villages. On the occasion, the business can be begun from your home. Significant profit can be noticed with the goats, cows and hen. Investment may be needed with the purchase of animals and their food. Lot of profits can be earned with the business. By product from livestock can be sold at a high price also.

In small villages, livestock business can be looked as a huge business opportunity. Business must be started with full energy as it offers good return after an initial investment.

7. Florist Business

For religious gathering as well as weddings and other events, requirement of flowers can be noticed. So, it may be an excellent idea to invest in a florist business. Couple of requirements can be noticed on the occasion only.  It is important to have a constant supply of flowers. In addition, flowers must be sent to the location in a timely manner.

8. Cold Storage

In a village, it is a good idea to start a business of cold storage. Large quantities of vegetables, fruits and grains are produced in the rural areas. Therefore, it is important to store them property also. Otherwise, it may be rotten and wasted. Through a cold storage, the issue can be solved quite easily. Having a cold storage in a village is definitely a profitable business.

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Food can be preserved in the cold storage. For management of inventory, assistance can be obtained from BTHAWK which offers software and also customized service for their clients.

9. Manufacturing unit in small scale

Disposable and recyclable paper bags, plates, cups manufacturing unit can be set in the villages. Since there are lots of demands in the market for these materials, profit can be obtained from the business. Investment is mostly seen with the raw materials which is not huge. Loyal and good customers can be acquired on the long run. Timely delivery ensures a flourishing business. For accounting purposes, you can install GST billing software from BTHAWK.

10. Clothing

Lots of raw materials for clothes are available in the villages. Therefore, clothing business can be started also.