August 6, 2020

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Garlic Benefits Skin | Garlic Uses For Beauty

Garlic Benefits for Skin
Hello, Friends, Most of us have read volumes regarding the health benefits of garlic but rarely do we discuss the skin benefits of garlic. So let me share with you how to use garlic for skin benefits.
Many people feel reluctant to consume garlic because of its strong smell. Well, it contains healing properties & medicinal benefits. Although most popular as a food ingredient, garlic has a long history of use for medicinal purposes.
For example, garlic was widely used as an antiseptic (to dress wounds) and soldiers took garlic to prevent gangrene during the World Wars.
Why not use it as an optical treatment. Your skin would look healthy and young when garlic has used to it. But it is excellent for your health and provides you a healthy and glowing skin that is free from acne and other blemishes. It is also good for having a shiny and healthy hair. Garlic is a rich source of allicin, sulfur, calcium and zinc, which have health benefits as well as beauty benefits, besides antibiotic and antifungal properties. Selenium is found in high contents in garlic. Its ability to provide benefits ranging from acne free bright and healthy skin too thick.
Garlic Benefits for Acne And Pimples And Spot:-
The antifungal properties of garlic make it excellent for treating acne on the skin.
Cut a bit of raw garlic and press it to unleash some juice. Currently rub this garlic on the affected half. Let it stay for five minutes so wash with water. The swelling and redness can scale back among every day. This treatment prevents the skin problem from departure any marks on the skin.
Another way to get rid of skin the problem is to require juice from two to three pods of garlic and blend it with an equal quantity of white vinegar. Apply this on the affected space and wash once five minutes. Vinegar maintains the hydrogen ion concentration level of the skin whereas garlic helps in fighting against infection.
If the sting of the raw garlic is just too a lot of for your skin, you’ll crush many pods of garlic and blend it with 0.5 a teaspoon of honey and a couple of tablespoons of dairy product. Apply this as a mask on your face and look ahead to twenty minutes. Wash with water. You’ll conjointly use garlic oil or garlic powder rather than victimization raw garlic.
If scars and blemishes are caused on the skin thanks to skin problem, you’ll get obviate them by creating a paste of four to five items of raw garlic. Boil 250 milliliters of water and because it starts to boil, add the minced garlic. Boil for thirty to thirty-five minutes, calm down so build the paste. Apply this paste everywhere your face. By boiling, the sting of garlic is reduced.
Removes Blackheads and whiteheads:-
Blackheads and whiteheads are very common, especially when you have oily skin.Crush 2 to 3 cloves of garlic and then add 1 tbsp of oatmeal, 1 to 2 drops of tea tree oil and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Add honey to it and mix well to get a thick paste. Clean your skin and apply it in a thin layer on the skin. Wait for 2 to 3 minutes and then exfoliate your skin gently and wash with warm water. By using this mask three times a week, the blackheads will be reduced.You can also make a homemade scrub with chickpea flour and turmeric and add a few drops of garlic juice to it.
Anti-ageing, wrinkles, and pore treatment:-
Garlic is a good anti-aging agent because of the high content of antioxidants in it. These fight against the free radicals and keep your skin firm and young looking. The sulfur in it helps in the production of collagen, which reduces wrinkles. All you have to do is t crush a few garlic pods and add its juice to your face mask.As you age, one of the problems that you face is the enlarged pores. You can reduce this by making a paste of 3 to 4 pods of garlic and half a tomato. Apply this on your face and wash with lukewarm water after 20 minutes. Then splash some cold water on your face.
You can protect your skin from various damages caused by free radicals, environmental pollution, and oxidation by consuming a pill-sized pod of garlic every day.
Removing stretch marks:-
Garlic is an excellent remedy to remove stretch marks. All you have to do is to add some garlic juice to the hot oil with which you massage your body. Apply this oil on the stretch marks. Within a few weeks, you will start noticing the difference it makes to your skin. You may also use garlic oil instead of its juice, but do not take more than half a teaspoon of the oil. Including garlic in your daily diet helps in improving the elasticity of the skin and preventing stretch marks.