April 6, 2020

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What is Garlic Powder | How To Make Garlic Powder

Garlic Powder

Hello, Friends, Today I am Sharing here About What is Garlic powder, and how to make it and know about health benefits of garlic powder. Garlic powder is a standard component of the spice mix. It is also a standard part of seasoned salt.


“Garlic powder is dehydrated ground garlic which has been finely ground and pulverized to create the powdered form for adding mild garlic flavor to foods. In short, it is the powdered version of garlic.It disperses well in liquids, so it’s a good choice for marinades.”


The taste of garlic powder is somewhat different from fresh garlic, though. Garlic powder doesn’t taste as sharp as its fresh counterpart. The powder form is milder and disperses well in liquid, making it a better choice for marinades compared to fresh garlic. Garlic powder works wells as a flavor enhancer for dips and it also the ideal choice to use as sprinkles for french fries and other fried foods.

How to Make Garlic Powder:-

Do you want homemade garlic powder? Here are the steps for making your very own garlic powder.
Undress the garlic cloves by peeling off their thin paper-like covering. Discard the wrapper properly.
Cut the garlic cloves into thin slices. Slices should be about the same general size so that they would all dry at the same time.
The garlic slices have been dried enough if they easily shatter when crushed.
Drain the slices by placing them in a dehydrator. Spread the garlic slices on the tray so that there would be no garlic slices touching each other. Keep the temperature around 125 – 130°F. Turn the garlic slices periodically to help dry them evenly.
Thin slices could be ready after 12 hours while large chunks may take longer. One easy way to check if they have been completely dried is by picking the most significant slice you can find and press it with your fingers. The garlic slices have been dried enough if they easily shatter when crushed.
Grind the dried slices into powder. Here you can have plenty of options. You can grind the garlic slices using a spice or coffee grinder, or a food processor. A mortar and pestle could also be used, but many find using this traditional tool tiring and time-consuming. Pulverize the garlic thoroughly to achieve the best powder form.
Place the garlic powder in an airtight container and store it properly in a cool, dark cupboard away from direct heat or sunlight. It should be kept tightly closed when not in use. You can also use shakeable containers like your empty spice bottles. Just make sure these bottles can be tightly sealed.

Best Garlic Powder Products:-

Garlic as we know it has been in use for around five thousand years in various forms. It has been used for cooking, for food flavoring, for treatments of diseases, for condiments, etc.

Here following top five garlic powder products in the market available at the Best price range.

 1.Bulk Supplements Pure Garlic Extract Powder:-

It’s as if you dehydrated your garlic and ground it. I also buy this brand’s vitamin C powder. Same thing. It’s tart and not a strange bleached powder or anything.I was expecting a tasteless powder to make it easier to get down which can always be scary as you don’t know what companies will use to remove colors and flavors. This is totally different.  It’s just as pure. Great item!
Pure Garlic Extract Powder

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2.Organic Granulated Garlic, 50 Lb Bag: –

It has been used for cooking, for food flavoring, for treatments of diseases, for condiments, etc.This is entirely different.  It’s just as pure. Great item!


Organic Granulated Garlic

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3.Roasted Garlic Powder, 10 Lb Bag:-

When garlic is roasted, the high temperature mellows the pungent odor and sharp taste, leaving a smooth and almost sweet garlic flavor This excellent Roasted Garlic Powder conveniently imparts the delicious flavor of roasted garlic to any recipe.

Roasted Garlic Powder

4.Organic Garlic Powder (5 LBS): –

Garlic is a plant in the onion family, grown for its cooking properties and health effects. It is high in a sulfur compound called Allicin, which is believed to bring most of the health benefits.


a little too homemade pasta or bread dough, stir into soup or stews when you think a little something is missing just before


or sprinkle over popcorn. This huge bag will last a while – give it a try.

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5.Lawrys Garlic Powder Coarse Ground With Parsley, 5.5 OZ

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Health Benefits of Garlic Powder: – 

Garlic powder has all the advantages of whole garlic because it is a powdered version of whole garlic. Food-grade powdered garlic, available in most grocery stores, makes a nutritious addition to your diet, while garlic powder supplements — tested to contain a significant amount of beneficial compounds are available at garlic.
I was just wondering, does the garlic powder you buy at your local supermarket still contain the same health benefits which are published on the net about the consumption of raw garlic, etc.?
Garlic powder and whole garlic have been shown to strengthen the immune system and help fight cancer.
Garlic powder and raw garlic have a blood-thinning benefit which can help people who suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease.
One study, published in “Lipids in Health and Disease” in 2010, found that garlic powder creates small reductions in total blood cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins, or “bad” cholesterol. Studies are still being conducted regarding garlic and its effect on high-density lipoproteins, or “good” cholesterol.
Garlic can help increase exercise capacity and reduce exercise-induced fatigue.


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